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El Jaguar

A masked Mexican wrestler determined to entertain. A high energy, highly interactive headliner and MC with an engaging audience rapport. El Jaguar is capable of taking his crowd to the edge and back skillfully using over 25 years of international improvisational experience.

*Now appearing at the NZICF 2018
“A rip roaring show of immense proportions…”

“Flores is a great and experienced improviser, creating characters out of his audience members and bouncing off their comebacks. Occasionally they are quick-witted gags, but generally it is more conversational, fuelling the seat-of-his-pants feel of borderline chaos that makes the show feel fresh.”

Chortle UK

Rise of El Jaguar

Two different (ish)
Comedy shows

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014 & 2016
Sydney Comedy Festival 2013 & 2014
Perth Comedy Festival 2014
Adelaide Fringe 2016
World Buskers Festival 2012-2017
The Comedy Store -Sydney
The Classic- Auckland

Fiesta City Bus Tour

“El Jaguar is making it into a fiesta. This is not a facts and figures,but a celebration of the city. What El Jaguar lacks in knowledge he more than more than makes up for in fervour.”


El Jaguar MC

Available for clubs, corporate functions, private performances.
“…our host, the funniest Mexican in the world , El jaguar.”