El Jaguar’s Fiesta City Bus Tour 2018-05-14T06:12:16+00:00

El Jaguar’s Fiesta City Bus Tour


Celebrations are important, so is celebrating the city in which you live.
Jump on a bus with masked Mexican Luchador El Jaguar for an “alternative facts” tour of your city where the focus is on fiesta not facts. You bring the bus. We bring the party.

Ask how you can have EL Jaguar at your festival or private function.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the bus ride. You were a hoot. My side’s hurt from laughing so hard. Well worth the money. Thanks for a great time.”
Sandy, Christchurch

The highlight of my week!! Soo Awesome ​”

Joanne, Christchurch

This was the best party I’ve been to in a while.


El Jaguar had me in stitches…fantastic.

Aaron, Christchurch