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“The future will belong to those who can improvise best.”

– Lee Simpson & Phelim McDermott (Improbable Theatre, International Institute of Improvisation).

The speed of business is ever increasing and the need to roll with whatever arises is intrinsic to staying at the top of your game, but we are also asked to do a lot more with a lot less. How can you, either in management, HR, sales, or communications keep up with the demand to improve?

Through managed play and the principles of “Yes And” we can help heighten your teams communication skills, develop authentic connection within a company, foster a safe space to empower the generating of new ideas, and to create new strategies to increase creativity. We also learn that through exploring risk and failure together, we can discover positive and rewarding outcomes that can aid in productivity, build on the company’s narrative, and enhances the enjoyment of the workplace.

“It’s rewarding to work with people who are wonderfully spontaneous and creative to the core whilst in the same breath professional and reliable” – Jason Pemberton, YouThink.