— Education —


We draw on lessons learned from improvisation, clown, sketch, stand up comedy and theatre, to create a program that addresses the need for better connection and communication.

We apply our skills to produce productive playgrounds, positive attitudes, and authentic interactions.

We use a unique team teaching technique that focuses two pairs of eyes on the work; one from within, one from without.

While Derek interacts and plays with the student, Michi brings her directorial eye to shape what is seen from the audience point of view. This gives the student instant, and holistic feedback from both sides of the stage. In our teaching we model the tenants of improvisation, ‘say yes’, ‘add to the idea’, and ‘be positive’.

With our 50+ years of combined experience in the teachings of Keith Johnstone, Philipe Gaulier, Viola Spolin, Dawn Whitwell, and Second City we can focus our two teacher technique on the student providing them with an immersive lesson. We primarily work in improvisation and comedy (both generating material and refining it), and can apply our knowledge to fit any level; for beginners, for schools, for actors, for comedians or even for wellness.